2000 – 2007 Finalist Restaurant & Catering awards for excellence

Since The Snake Charmer opened in 1979, it has established a loyal following from its many returning patrons.

The Snake Charmer is owned and operated by and Andrew Watts, who are committed to providing Adelaide with wonderful Indian food and service.

Has grown up in food service, with her father opening the first Snake Charmer in Tasmania. Andrew is a French trained chef. Together they create wonderful food, such as their world famous Lamb Curry Crepe and Goat Durbari.

Our chefs’ are trained in traditional Indian and French cuisine, as well as vegetarian cooking. We cater for a variety of specialist dietary needs.

The Snake Charmer encourages excellence in training and food presentation for its apprentices. The Snake Charmer was the first Indian restaurant in Adelaide to have apprentices.

Try our daily specials, dynamic menus, meat and vegetarian dishes. Click here for more information about our food and restaurant.

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